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Six Kick-Ass Grannies Who Fight More Crime and Have More Orgies Than You

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Did you hear about the ninja-like granny from Northampton, England? She beat down six sledgehammer-toting hipsters on mopeds with her handbag while the gang of burglars attempted to break into a jewelry store (video posted below). Shortly after the pocketbook-pounding, the old broad disappeared, like a super hero into the night, most likely to make it back home in time to scarf down some Metamucil and catch a rerun of Touched By an Angel.

In the end, all six pseudo-thieves fled the scene empty handed. Go

Supergranny! But this awesome memaw is not alone. There's many other snow haired angels out there being all kinds of awesome. In

honor of Supergram, here are six more kick-ass


1. Mimi Rosenthal

According to the St. Petersburg Times, at the ripe old age of 99, Surfside Beach, S.C. resident, Mimi Rosenthal decided to get her very first tattoo: an "itty-bitty butterfly" on her ankle. Now at the age of 101, this breast cancer survivor and Facebook fan has gotten two more tattoos -- a silver-dollar sized flower on her leg and a sunflower on her arm -- by the same Spring Hills Florida artist, Michelle Gallo-Kohlas. Her next tattoo? According to the Times, Rosenthal claims "next time I'm getting it on my butt."

While having dinner on a cruise, Gloria Sher, a Jew, went totally batshit crazy when someone eating at her table complained that there were too many Jews on the ship. After hearing the anti-Semitic remark, Sher let her inner sailor loose spouting off a list of dirty words that would've made George Carlin blush. The Jew-basher complained to the commodore and Sher and her husband were told to stay in their room. Shortly after the lock-down they were kicked off the ship without a refund. We admire Sher (or rather her sense of language) and wonder, who was manning the Queen Mary II? Mussolini?

3. Carol Bone

Meet the Blanche Devereaux of the internet! Carol Bone, a 62 year old, claims that in the past two years she has boned more than 200 men after joining 13 websites of the dating variety. And all these one night stands went down despite back pain and arthritis! Apparently, Bone enjoys group sex and men in their 30s and 40s. "Men who are over 50 don't have the stamina to keep up with me. And I don't like beer bellies." Now that's what we call one badass bubbie.

4. Jacqueline Cutright

Jacqueline Cutright, a 70-year-old was sitting on the commode at 2 a.m. in her Akron, Ohio home when a 22-year-old in a clown mask broke into her house and demanded OxyContin and cash. All she had was heart pressure medicine so the druggie ran off with $28, about a grand of costume jewelry, and her Ford Escort. But don't worry, the crackie robber only made it to the end of Cutright's street with her car before cops caught up with him. Good thing he left when he did, because according to Cutright she was thinking about doing "ninja stuff to him".

5. Phyllis Lyon and Del Martin

Lesbian right pioneers and a couple for 55 years, Phyllis Lyon and Del Martin were the first same sex wedding to take place in San Francisco after the California Supreme Court's decision to legalize same sex marriages in California in 2008. They were wedded by the mayor. Sadly, Martin died at the age of 87 only two months (August 27, 2008) after the couple became briefly legal. Yet her spirit lives on due to her once tireless dedication to LGBT rights.

6. Patricia Maisch

Patricia Maisch is a 61-year-old Tuscon, Arizona resident who wrestled the magazine out of Jared Loughne's hand while he was trying to reload his gun during the horrific Arizona shootings last month. She nabbed the ammo clip shortly after three men, including a retired army colonel, wrestled Loughner to the ground. Now if that isn't kick ass, we really don't know what else is.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.


Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.