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Sharknado 2: Ten Reasons to See The Second One in Theaters

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4. It out-Shark Weeks Shark Week.

Discovery's popular Shark Week is becoming a little less science and a little more sci-fi (or SyFy) with each year's iteration. Instead of fiction masquerading as speculative science, why not just go all the way fictional, silly, and fun? I'd rather see an obviously fake and harmless sharkscapade (where you often end up rooting for the sharks) than some of the pseudo-science that only serves to make sharks more villainous than they really are.

3. Witness a new cult heroine taking charge single-handedly. (See what we did there?)

As one-handed cult characters go, April Wexler might be this generation's Ash Williams (of Army of Darkness fame). Ash, famous for his chainsaw arm/boomstick combo, is a hero of the brilliantly not-so-bad Evil Dead series, and Tara Reid's April Wexler proves to be a worthy successor. April has a meatier role in the sequel than in the previous movie, kicking things off by shooting a shark mid-plane crash and getting her hand bitten off in the process. She orchestrates an escape from a hospital and saves a kid's life in the process. In the film's climax, she ends up ATTACHING A CIRCULAR SAW TO HER HAND and goes absolutely H.A.M. with it. I, for one, hope the saw is a permanent addition that'll see regular use in the inevitable Sharknado 3.

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