Sex Tips From Chippendales Boys

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Luis De La Torre

Tip 1: Always be a good girl with bad tendencies in bed. I've never met a good girl who didn't like her hair pulled a little.

Tip 2: If it feels good, go with it. I like to put a little R&B mood music in the background -- it's interesting to see how my partner reacts to the songs/beats.

Worst date: Went on a date with someone I met online. She had a very old photo of herself as her profile picture and looked nothing like her photo in person.

Best Date:The girl was a little nervous for the date and got buzzed right before. It ended up being an entertaining night and so much fun.

What I look for in a partner: Unconditional love and a fun attitude.

Gavin McHale

Tip 1: Be clean; cleanliness is next to godliness. Translation: take it to the shower and get soapy together.

Tip 2: If she is into it, tie her up. Most girls like when a man takes charge in the bedroom. But don't forget to cook her breakfast in the morning.

Worst date: She showed up drunk(ish) and got drunker. Then she got sick in public, and since I barely knew her, I took care of the bill and texted her friend to come pick her up.

Best Date: I was taken out for all-you-can-eat sushi and frozen yogurt, then surprised with tickets to the premiere of Sharknado.

What I look for in a partner: I look for a complete understanding of my corny jokes and one who will push me with my life goals and not hold me back.

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