Sesame Street's Bert and Ernie to Marry? Ten Other Kids Characters Who Are Obviously Gay

Admittedly, our gaydar at Cultist is not always what it should be. We still think Justin Bieber is straight, maybe even Charlie Crist. So we don't mind admitting we were floored yesterday when we found out about a petition started by an Illinois resident to "allow" Bert and Ernie to marry in an effort to further tolerance of gays and others in the LGBT community.

Apparently it's so obvious the pair is gay that it just made sense they should tie the knot (even though nobody on the show -- straight, gay, bi, necrophiliac, or whatever -- has ever even been in a romantic relationship). How could we have missed the signs all these years?

Bert and Ernie? Really? But Bert is such a grump all the time! And we thought the gays were happy-go-lucky. It suffices to say we had to re-examine our gay-detecting ways. So we started looking at the beloved characters from our youth with a bit of a queer eye to see if we might have missed the gay signs. Here's what we came up with.

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Sebastian del Mármol