Selected Events for the Week of May 26, 2005


The ladies of 3GZ Productions have been busy. Iris B. Cegarra is about to drop Dark Beat, her latest documentary on the electronic scene, and the development of their group project Wicked Garden is almost complete. Now they're providing a forum for local talent at the 3GZ Productions experimental film and video night. "It'll be underground, but underground that people can relate to and appreciate," explains Franceasca Seiden, founder of the promising indie film collective. The films will be screened among the trees at Nectar of Life (7244A Biscayne Blvd., Miami), a cozy health food café with a gorgeous garden. For $12 you can enjoy a delicious dinner buffet, a healthful drink, and an evening of alternative film beginning at 8:00. Watch quirky animation, film noir, and sci-fi collage clips; drink in trippy audio-visual action from AV-8; and groove to a special set by DJ Uprokk. Call 786-200-2968. (PEGY)

FRI 27

See Dick paint. Paint, Dick, paint. See Jane pose. Pose Jane, pose. In his traveling exhibition "big dick and jane paintings," Jeff Schaller incorporates images of famous Dicks and Janes into his new series of paintings. Schaller uses encaustics (beeswax mixed with pigment and kept molten while painting) to capture the powerful brushstrokes and rich textures in these whimsical works. Tarzan's Jane, Dick Tracy, and images from the Dick and Jane readers strike both innocent and provocative poses. You may have seen Schaller's work on the wall of Central Perk or in Ross's apartment during the last few seasons of Friends. Get your fill of Dick and Jane at the opening reception tonight from 7:00 to 11:00 at the Bettcher Gallery, 5582 NE Fourth Ct., Miami. The exhibit runs through July 20. Call 305-758-7556, or visit To learn more about the artist and to see his paintings hanging around the set of Friends, visit (LO)

SAT 28

Dewey LoSasso launched his career in the crazy Eighties as part of the "Mango Gang," a group of creative chefs who put South Florida on the culinary map with their pioneering, passionate use of Florida's tropical bounty. Back when LoSasso was a chef for a private club, he tended a neighborhood farm in the heart of downtown Miami. "We were growing our own things right off Biscayne Boulevard. Which is funny, because now our restaurant is on Biscayne Boulevard," he quips, referring to North 110, the intimate, inviting establishment he co-owns with his wife Dale. Dewey is also the restaurant's executive chef. To celebrate local produce and highlight the upcoming Tropical Ag Fiesta, this innovative chef will prepare a mango rock shrimp salad with guava fennel vinaigrette and jackfruit crme brùlée this afternoon at 1:00 at Macy's Dadeland, 7303 N. Kendall Dr., Miami. Call 305-893-4211, or visit (PEGY)

SUN 29

Memorial Day weekend in Miami means one sure thing -- everyone will be heading to South Beach and Key Biscayne, making for gnarly traffic. Let's not mention the inevitable parking debacles and agoraphobia-causing crowds. To keep your sanity and enjoy your long weekend, head north and reserve a room at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino (5711 Seminole Way, Hollywood). During the day, this entertainment district will come alive for the Memorial Block Party Weekend. Enjoy a variety of free special events, including live music, street performers, and yummy barbecue. This afternoon at 1:00 soak it in at the Another Day in the Sun party, a poolside fashion show/fiesta, then dance the night away at the Aquabooty bash at The Gryphon. Before you retire to your elegant suite, sate yourself at a decadent breakfast buffet on the terrace outside Pangaea beginning at 6:00 a.m. Call 954-581-5454, or visit (PEGY)

MON 30

Beep! Beep! Beep! Hey! Turn off that alarm and relish in the delight of not having to go to work today. Memorial Day is the official kick-off for summer, so get out your barbecue, call up your friends and neighbors, and master the fine art of chillin' on your patio. There's no need to leave the comforts of your shady back yard; just fire up the grill, bust out the Slip 'N Slide, and mix up a batch of tasty mango margaritas in your blender. You'll need a cup of white tequila, a half-cup of Triple Sec, four or five ripe mangoes, a half-cup of lime juice, a half-cup of orange juice, and crushed ice. Blend half the batch at a time and serve to your lucky guests. Cheers to a fabulous summer! (LO)

TUE 31

What is up with that boisterous barking? Why are your ears flattened? What's with the grumpy face? Dogs and cats can be so mysterious. Just when you think you have your pet all figured out, he gives you that look, runs under the couch, and leaves you wondering what's going on in that cute, little furry head of his. Librarian extraordinaire Fiona Kelleghan presents The Myths (and Truths) About Cats and Dogs (and Other Animals): A Scientific Discussion tonight at the MIAMIntelligence Center (2000 S. Dixie Hwy., Miami). Kelleghan will address whether animals understand the concept of time, if they feel shame or guilt, and if they love the same way we do. She might even explain why your dog spins in circles when she's nervous. The talk begins at 7:30. Admission costs ten dollars, which includes a wine and cheese reception at 7:00 and some treats to bring home to your faithful love muffins. Call 305-860-2499, or visit (LO)


Besides an astronaut, a fireman, and a movie star, an ice cream taster is a cool job children aspire to have. And it is a real job. John Harrison is an official taster for Nestlé Ice Cream, and he's been sampling frozen treats for 35 years -- it's no wonder he looks so jolly. Today children will have an opportunity to try for a chance to "Be a Frozen Pop Flavorologist for a Day" and pitch their own wacky flavor ideas. Ten lucky youngsters from across the country will be invited to learn the licks of the trade at the top-secret flavor lab of the Nestlé Ice Cream factory. Ice cream lovers of all ages can meet Harrison today from noon to 1:00 at Winn-Dixie (901 N. Nob Hill Rd., Plantation) and learn the fine art of "swirling and smacking." Visit for details. (LO)

By Lyssa Oberkreser and Patrice Elizabeth Grell Yursik

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