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Selected Calendar Events for the Week of August 11

THUR 11 Considered the definitive surfing movie, The Endless Summer is a documentary about two young surfers who travel the globe in search of the perfect wave. Bruce Brown's 1966 chronicle of sun, ocean, friendship, and travel also preserves a lost time; we see our young heroes in Senegal, Tahiti,...
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Considered the definitive surfing movie, The Endless Summer is a documentary about two young surfers who travel the globe in search of the perfect wave. Bruce Brown's 1966 chronicle of sun, ocean, friendship, and travel also preserves a lost time; we see our young heroes in Senegal, Tahiti, and Australia, captured in a frame of mind (and a film stock) very different from today's modern surf flicks. Above all, The Endless Summer is best viewed not on a small television in a confined living room, but on a large screen out in the sultry night, which is exactly what Aqua Hotel (1530 Collins Ave., Miami Beach) is offering. The screening will be held in the hotel's courtyard at 8:30 p.m. And if summer feels too endless to leave your air-conditioned haven, know that you are also missing out on delicious complimentary hors d'oeuvres from Puerto Sagua. Admission is free. Call 305-538-4361, or visit (EW)

FRI 12

Creative Arts Enterprises has earned a reputation for putting on funny, poignant gay-themed musicals. Their latest production won't leave you tapping your feet and humming a tune, but it will certainly bring a tear to your eye and tickle you with warm laughter. Hannah Free explores the enduring relationship between two women and reveals that love, like fine wine, improves and deepens with age. Catch the South Florida theatrical premiere tonight at 8:00 at the Miami Globo Theatre, 1036 SW Eighth St., Miami. Tickets cost $25. Call 305-573-2375, or visit (PEGY)

SAT 13

During the summer, the vibrant art scene in Miami slows to a crawl. The crowds that usually flock to gallery walks in Wynwood and the Design District noticeably shrink in the muggy Miami evenings. There's no need to go hunting for cool art and free drinks tonight; head straight to Dot Fiftyone Gallery (51 NW 36th St., Miami) for a refreshing new international exhibition. "It Happened One Summer" will feature innovative photography, eye-catching sculptures, and experimental paintings. At tonight's opening reception, proceeds from the cash bar will go to the Pet Project, a charity for pet owners who are struggling with disabling diseases. Call 305-573-9994, or visit (PEGY)

Thick muck caked on the mud flaps. Bird droppings spattered across the hood. "Wash me please," written in the grime on the back window. Bring your filthy hooptie to today's Shell "Clean to the Extreme" Makeover Contest and you could win car-care products, car washes, or $1000 worth of Shell V-Power gasoline. Zoom over to the Shell Station at 2600 N. 29th St., Hollywood. Cars will be judged today between noon and 1:00 p.m. Visit (PEGY)

SUN 14

In comparing the Vizcaya Village Garage and Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew, Florida International University professor Phillip M. Church saw several similarities. "A garage is a place where the heart of a car, the engine, is meticulously dismantled, diagnosed, and reassembled. A parallel situation takes place in the play. Petruchio runs, among other things, a training school for wives," he explains. Church is director of the FIU Theater's production of Shakespeare's classic play, which will close its run in the renovated garage at Vizcaya (3521 S. Miami Ave., Miami) this afternoon at 2:30. Church decided to set the play in 1920s Miami, when James Deering summered in his palatial mansion. A panel discussion about the intersection of architecture, history, and performance will precede the matinee this afternoon at 1:00. General admission is ten dollars. Call 305-860-8425, or visit (EW)

MON 15

It's Monday and you're tired. You could order take-out and watch A League of Their Own on television for the 40th time, or you could be treated (if you're a female) to a complimentary dinner served in bed while D'Angelo croons softly in your ear. Seriously. The Secret Society R&B Dinner Party is a weekly event at B.E.D. (929 Washington Ave., Miami Beach) beginning at 10:00 p.m. As secret societies go, it's significantly more entertaining than your average Skull & Bones or Ya-Ya Sisterhood meeting, with DJ Radamas spinning a mix of R&B, reggae, funk, and neo-soul to keep the Monday blues in check. Ladies must make a reservation through Empire Events (305-534-9909) if they want the free eats; for men the cover charge is $20. Call 305-532-9070, or visit (EW)

TUE 16

For the amateur cook whose knife skills extend to merely slicing open a packet of ramen, making authentic Japanese food may seem like a daunting task. For others who crave its delicate and complex flavors but are tired of shelling out for edamame, an educational alternative exists. Tonight Hiro Terada, the Japanese sushi chef at Miami Beach's Doraku, will be holding a free cooking demo at La Cuisine Gourmet (50 Aragon Ave., Coral Gables). Beginning at 7:00 p.m., he will teach novice cooks how to make exotic Kansai-style dishes, like his signature seared tuna. Best of all, the cooking lesson is free, and when it's over, you can purchase an industrial cooking range to take home with you. After all, you'll be a professional chef by then. Call 305-442-9006, or visit (EW)

WED 17

Bruce Campbell's road to fame has been unique, to say the least. He became an icon to horror movie fans as the star of Sam Raimi's Evil Dead. Campbell climbed to the top of the B-movie heap, appearing in bit parts in A-list films such as Spider-Man and Fargo. You can now catch the quirky actor on the big screen in two very different films: the Disney superhero teen comedy Sky High, and The Man with the Screaming Brain, a peculiar story about revenge and neurosurgery that Campbell wrote, directed, and stars in. Tonight stop by Books & Books (933 Lincoln Rd., Miami Beach), where Campbell will autograph copies of his newest book, Make Love! The Bruce Campbell Way, a campy novel that lampoons the Hollywood hierarchy. Campbell's book-signing bonanza begins at 6:00 p.m., and tickets are required. Get yours by purchasing Campbell's tome at any Books & Books location. Then follow the actor/author to Regal Cinemas South Beach (1100 Lincoln Rd., Miami Beach) for the screening of his wacky sci-fi flick at 9:00 p.m. Call 305-532-3222, or visit For information about the film screening, call 305-673-6766. (PEGY)

By Patrice Elizabeth Grell Yursik and Emily Witt

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