See a Real Ghost

Haunted houses are all well and good, but fake spiderwebs and plastic chainsaws get old after awhile. Real scares do a body good. Think Ghost Hunters, The Exorcist and The Sixth Sense. That's the stuff that gets the hair standing up on the back of your neck. With our abundance of sunshine and sub-tropical weather, Miami may not seem like the scariest city -- but we've got our fair share of creepy locales, one of which is Miami Springs' Curtiss Mansion. Long rumored to be a bastion of ghostly activity, there are all kinds of scary stories surrounding the 87-year-old historic home. The pueblo-style dwelling once belonged to Glenn Curtiss, aviation pioneer and land developer. Curtiss died unexpectedly in 1930, and there have been rumblings of spooky phenomenon ever since. This year, guests can visit the mansion to see for themselves if the angsty undead are still hanging around. The home was recently restored to its 1935 condition after standing in disrepair for decades.
Oct. 25-28, 2012
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