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Second Saturdays Art Walk Guide: Chinese Propaganda and Neon Abuelas

It's that time of the month again: Second Saturdays Art Walk. To quell all your cravings and cramps, there's a handful of new exhibits opening tomorrow night. But seriously, who has the patience to wander the blocks between 22nd and 40th in search of the best eye candy? No one, that's who. Because we know you are all very important people with very important things to do, here's a guide to the best-of-the-best. The streets are yours to roam from 7  to 10 p.m.

Check the cut for Cultist's preview of the October Second Saturday Art Walk. Don't leave home without it.

Anton Solomoukha: 

In his series "Little Red Riding Hood Visits the Grand Lourve" and

"Little Red Riding Hood Visits the Grand Chernobyl," Solomoukha revises

history by dropping modern heroines in contexts straight out of

Caravaggio, Botticelli, and Delacroix.  As our art

critic reports, "One photo based on Tintoretto's Mercury and the Three

Graces depicts three nude women trussed like Thanksgiving  turkeys and

suspended over a motorcycle in an empty swimming pool. The scene looks

like something lifted straight from a porn mag devoted to Kinbaku, the

art of Japanese bondage." Black Square Gallery, 2248 NW First Pl., Miami.

Call 305-424-5002 or visit blacksquaregallery.com.

Rick Falcon:

Why is this gallery so crowded that writer John Hood has to do crowd control

at the door? Must have something to do with the respected tastes of one

Francisco De La Torre who runs the gallery. When the space first opened

in Wynwood, he began with a Rick Falcon exhibit. Now the artist's latest

"Living to Die, Dying to Live" opens tomorrow and showcases neoclassic pop


Falcon told us, "My art does reveal some classical ideas, and

I am drawing a little bit from master artists like Van Dyck and

Michelangelo. But so much of it is my own story and my own personal

struggles and thoughts." Butter Gallery, 2303 NW 2nd Ave., Miami. Call

305-303-6254 or visit buttergallery.com.

Farley Aguilar:


Fates" features mystical oil paintings, mylar works, as well as

video art. As the artist explains, "Shakespeare's Macbeth had a great

influence on the show and Ulf is a stand-in for Macbeth. The witches, or

Fates, conjure up spells on him. He must endure the destiny that has

been casted upon him." Spinello Gallery, 155 NE 38th St., Miami. Call 786-

271-4223 or visit spinellogallery.com.


Gold: NWSA graduate and now New York dancer and multimedia artist

Jessie Gold will perform "Carmela DeSanso" at the artist-run Bas Fisher

Invitational. As the story goes, mythical DeSano got swept in the jet steam while searching for the

ocean's largest crustaceans off the coast of Venezuela. She ended up in

a Miami palm tree, sustaining herself on coconuts and iguanas. Desano then finds herself in NYC where buildings become coral reefs and skyscrapers

turn to lighthouses. How's all that transform into performance art? Stop by and see. Bas Fisher Invitational, 180 NE 39th St., Suite

210, Miami. Visit basfisherinvitational.com.

Miguel Paredes: Just

when you thought the graff artist's Wynwood studio couldn't get

any more packed, it will tomorrow night when he'll reveal four new

works. In one titled "Los Niños," Paredes brings his own children into his urban

paintings. Ice Tropez will provide free cocktails and DJ Ari X will be

on the decks. Paredes Fine Arts Studio, 2311 NW Second Ave., Miami.

Visit miguelparedes.com.


Grün: In "Capriccio," freaky tree people get a little nude and a lot closer to

nature in Grün's surreal portrait paintings. The atrist says "My work aspires to

follow in the tradition of great western painting by using the language

developed roughly up to the baroque." 101/Exhibit, 101 NE 40th St Miami.

Call 305-573-6101 or visit 101exhibit.com.

Claudia Calle:

This Miami artist recently won first place in the International

Photography Awards. Calle's Republic of China series was selected among 15,000 submissions spanning 103


See the pop propaganda of her "The Road to Calle: Republic of

China" at Awarehouse. There'll be free Sam Adams beer, DJ sets by Aramis

(Poplife), Mr. Pauer (Fabrika) and Kiko de Gallo (Groovalizacion) and

the official after-party taking place at Grand Central. Luis Perez

Galeria / Awarehouse, 550 NW 29th St., Miami. Call 305-576-4004‎ or

visit awarehousemiami.com.

Hector Maldonado:

For "Blood &

Toys II," Maldonado reflects on God, family, home vs. house, childhood,

language, time, eternity, and levels of human existence; spiritual and

physical via brightly-colored pop paintings and neon abuelas. The Moore

Building, 4040 NE Second Ave., Miami. Call 305-572-0866.

Time Bomb and Void: Pepe Mar

creates sculptures from material waste (e.g, papasan chairs and

cornucopia baskets) while Zoi Gaitanidou pops open the apocalypse via a fictional

tribe's tapestries. David Castillo Gallery, 2234 Northwest Second Ave.,

Miami. Call (305) 573-8110 or visit davidcastillogallery.com.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.