Second Saturdays Art Walk: Cracked-Out Cartoons Get Dadarhea and Graffitti the Streets

Normally, August is nothing but a black hole for Miami art addicts. The streets get hotter than a sweat lodge on fire. The lurkers hide indoors. And almost half the city's galleries shutter for summer vacation.

But this year something strange is happening. The midsummer gallery season isn't receding into non-existence. In fact, it's blowing the fuck up. So expect tomorrow night's Second Saturdays Art Walk to be a big banging bonanza full of explosive Dadarhea, cracked-out cartoons, street art sprayers, pics and clicks, coffee grinds, and Mr. Dino Felipe.  

Check the cut for Cultist's guide to the August art walk.

Emerge Miami Art Walk Ride: The people with the pedals just had a breakthrough idea: "Every second Saturday of the month is Critical Mass ... And every second Saturday of the month is the art walk. Why not do both?" And so, the Emerge Miami Art Walk Ride was born. Cruise your fixed-gear to Government Center by 6 p.m. and trip toward art. Bonus: There will be a free bike valet sponsored by Green Mobility Network. Government Center, 111 NW First St., Miami. Visit emergemiami.com.

Dadarhea: Open wide for a mouthful of steaming "Dadarhea." Oddly, this new OHWOW gang show actually opens tonight at 8 p.m. with performance art by Alvaro Ilizarbe (AKA Freegums) and Jen Stark -- plus cameos by arty weirdos Devin Flynn, Bec Stupak, Jim Drain, and Alison Kuo. (Note: Hit up the afterparty at Bar.) If you can't make Friday, though, don't worry 'cause shit will still be dripping 8 till 11 p.m. on Saturday night. OHWOW, 3100 NW 7th Ave., Miami. Call 305-633-9345 or visit oh-wow.com.

Miguel Paredes: The Juxtapoz-approved street artist Miguel Paredes is kinda like a thugged-out cross between Takashi Murakami and Kenny Scharf. Anyway, he's now gonna be wilding out in Wynwood on a permanent basis. Be there tomorrow night at 8 p.m. for the grand opening of Paredes's new graff gallery. Expect baby Buddha bombers with paint drips on their Jordans. Paredes Fine Art Studio, 2311 NW 2nd Ave., Miami. Call 305-219-6688, email RSVP@miguelparedes.com, or visit miguelparedes.com.

The Tenderloin Project and the It Click: Don't skip Butter's pair of killer photo shows popping up at 8 p.m. this Saturday. To start, you've got San Fran snapper Sean Desmond's ode to a troubled neighborhood, "The Tenderloin Project." Then you've got "The It Click," a group thing curated by Butter boss Francisco De La Torre with work by local street photographers Rudy Duboue, Frankie Galland, Jake Katel, Charis Kirchheimer, Diana Larrea, and Pamela Wasabi. Butter Gallery, 2303 NW 2nd Ave., Miami. Call 305-303-6254 or visit buttergallery.com.

$499.00: If you're a collector on a budget, kick it with Kavachnina. This Saturday from 7 to 11 p.m., the shelves will be stacked with bargain art, priced at $500 or less. You can score some cracked-out cartoons by New Times art critic Carlos Suarez De Jesus. "It's beet juice, coffee grinds and rust crystals and shit," Suarez De Jesus explains. "And I painted with Q-Tips and Brillo pads." Or snag some product from artists Antuan, Benedicte Blanc-Fontenille, and Mariano Costa Peuser as well as 14 others. Kavachnina Contemporary, 46 NW 36th St., Miami. Call 305-448-2060 or visit kavachnina.com.

Abandoned: We are killing the trees. And "Abandoned," a new installation by Karen Rifas attempts to take stock of the situation. Described in the exhibition statement as "a laboratory, archive, and storage facility for millions of leaves that the artist has gathered and stored," the project invites visitors to help a lab assistant classify and catalog the leaves for future reference. Do your part from 7 to 10 p.m. this Saturday. Consider it part memorial, part preservation. de la Cruz Collection, 23 NE 41st St., Miami. Call 305-576-6112 or visit delacruzcollection.org.

Desert Animals: To end, we head to The End. And there you'll find "Desert Animals," a flux festival of Dino Felipe stuff that's been curated by Kathryn Marks. "It's a few different types of work," says Felipe. "One section consists of a series called Desert Animals. They are shadowy black and white X-ray looking 'beings.'" He continues: "There is another series named Sex Glitch 1-3, which deals with photographs I took of 'sex acts' gone wrong (via PC glitching). Finally, there's Homage to Gossip Mags, which I believe are the comic books of the future." And if that's not enough to satisfy you, there will be live music by Felipe at 9 p.m. as well as a homemade t-shirt sale, on-site cassette dubbing, and an audio installation by Maryanne Amacher called Third Ear Music. The End, 4141 NE 2nd Ave., Suite 202, Miami. Visit end-springbreak.com.

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