Second Saturdays Art Walk: A Taste of Dadarhea, Butter, and the End

Whenever some overeager art eater tries to deep-throat 70-something gallery snacks in under an hour, you've just got to take him aside and say: "Dude, this isn't the Coney Island Hotdog-Eating Contest. It's Second Saturdays Art Walk. Take your time and savor the stuff."

Open wide, masticate carefully, and notice those flavorfully arty flourishes. Sip your free beer. Make meaningful conversation. That's the way to do it. And so, Cultist enjoyed a leisurely eating tour this weekend that took us from "Dadarhea" to Butter to the End.

See the cut for photos, video, and blurbage from August's art walk.

Dadarhea: This gang show is a very big meal split between two rooms. On one side, you've got creepy costumes, trippy props, and kaleidoscopic backdrops. There's stuff like Alison Kuo's Eater, a purple alien with gold grills, and a whole wall of greenscreen production stills. Then on the other side, you've got the finished video, a sitcom acid trip of untold length, flashing on the far wall inside a black-and-white border of cartoon squiggles.

One of manic cartoonist Devin Flynn's "Dadarhea" art farts is this midget muppet and Vagabundo set. If you don't already know Flynn, you are lost. He's the guy responsible for parts of Wondershowzen and the Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie, not to mention his own awesome stream-of-consciousness mindsuck, Y'all So Stupid.

Here we have the gory leftovers from Francine Spiegel's performance, bottled and shelved. There are also 20 photos tacked to the wall, documenting its weirdest moments. A synopsis: Someone gets a facial using food and goo. Think grape jelly, whitebread, watermelon, etc.

She looks like a schizophrenic party girl on Halloween. He looks like an alien with a secret passion for quilting. This odd couple is posing in front of a wall piece called Dearraindrop, a psychedelic splash of evil eyes, twin parrots, and people hiding in futuristic trash cans.

If you've never owned hamsters, you might not know it. But these little guys love martial arts. They also love piñatas. And they especially love combining their affinity for these activities, you know, so long as your testicles are involved.

This short snippet from the "Dadarhea" video seems to be a music video for some kind of intergalactic indie band that's gearing up to conquer America. The aliens dance and jangle and jump around, then they take a pizza break.

The Tenderloin Project and the It Click: Similarly to "Dadarhea," the show at Butter is two courses. First, there's "The Tenderloin Project," a documentary photo series by San Fran shooter Sean Desmond. It's a record of the Tenderloin's hookers, addicts, and homeless as well as its many other kinds of residents.

In a recent interview with Cultist, Desmond described the Tenderloin, saying: "This is a neighborhood that is primarily known to San Franciscans for its vices and as an area best to be avoided or rushed through. I remember a friend saying that his only interaction with the community was when he went there to buy OxyContin on the streets. These negative stereotypes generously spread, and sadly they form the community's identity."

Desmond, cofounder John Elliot, and producer Homa Zarghamee plan to tour "The Tenderloin Project" all over the country, stopping in San Francisco, Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York, and Miami before publishing a photo book to benefit the neighborhood and its people.

Next, there are six local street photographers -- Rudy Duboue, Frankie Galland, Jake Katel, Charis Kirchheimer, Diana Larrea, and Pamela Wasabi -- who have been dubbed "The It Click" by Butter boss Francisco De La Torre.

Some disgruntled dude disparaged the show as "bullshit hipster photography," which is partly accurate. No doubt, these are snapshots by cool kids. Take Rudy Duboue's photos of naked skinny girls and dudes with porn mustaches (or full beards) playing piss games, eating Chinese food, and riding bikes.

Or take Charis Kirchheimer's documentary shots from the Overthrow's nightclub bacchanals. Glammed-out masqueraders wear nylons over their faces with their tits almost out, trendy theme parties die out at sunrise, and the dirty hot throng does it in the dark.

And then there are the nude and tattooed. So yeah, it's hipster photography. But it's solid. So strike the "bullshit."

Desert Animals: When we were finally almost stuffed, there was "Desert Animals" at the End's Design District squat-slash-showroom. Curated by Kathryn Marks, the exhibition is an overview of handmade stuff by the 305's Dino Felipe. It's a feast of random rad stuff: You've got found objects, custom clothes, CD and tape covers, and pixilated porno prints.

"It's a few different types of work," says Felipe. "One section consists of a series called Desert Animals. They are shadowy black and white X-ray looking 'beings.'" He continues: "There is another series named Sex Glitch 1-3, which deals with photographs I took of 'sex acts' gone wrong (via PC glitching). Finally, there's Homage to Gossip Mags, which I believe are the comic books of the future."

For dessert, we got some dancey distorto-pop. Powered by a six-pack of Mike's Hard Limeade, Dino took to the microphone, pressed play on his prerecorded backing tracks, and shimmied around shouting "Yabba dabba do." Then the clock ticked to 11, Dino sipped another limeade, and August's art walk was history.

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