Scott Storch's Arrest Warrant: You Might Be a Bad Dad If...

In reporting "Blow Hard," this week's feature about former megaproducer and recovering coke addict Scott Storch, we collected reams of fascinating documents detailing his fall. That will happen when you have 28 creditors file lawsuits against you in the span of four years. But these two documents sum up Storch's douchedom better than any others.

The first is a warrant for his arrest: He had failed to make child support payments to his 16-year-old son Steven's mother Vanessa Bedillo, causing them to be evicted from their Plantation house. They ended up crashing on Vanessa's parents' couches.

Our favorite part of the warrant: his bad-ass aliases Scotty, Storchavelli, Storchy.

The second document is a court server's description of what happened when he tried to serve Storch with contempt papers at his Palm Island mansion -- and the producer allegedly ordered a handler to plow the server down while he escapes in his Rolls Royce Phantom.

We have no problem with a person doing a lot of coke and blowing his fortune -- and we're not all that religious. But if you're still driving a $400,000 car and living in a $10.5 million house and are dodging court servers like it's good sport while your son is living on a couch and facing expulsion from his private school because you haven't paid the tuition, you better expect a brass-knuckle beatdown from St. Peter at the pearly gates.

Warrant for Scott Storch's Arrest
Scott Storch has an entourage member run over a court server.

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