Scope Finds Obama Truly Inspiring

Riptide has already wondered about the symbolism of an Obama portrait being the most noticeable piece one see's when entering Art Basel.

Perhaps an Obama portrait should say "Welcome to Art Basel. We know, we

know. The economy is in the tank, but look at this President. Don't

worry, change is on the way! So please send cash our way!"

Well, this was before we hit up Scope, which proves our Obama entrance theory quite literally. This huge Mr. Brainwash piece sits right outside the entrance, and yesterday they were offering free posters of it. Hope and change indeed. 

Scope's Obama pieces were a bit more inspiring themselves then the ones found at Basel.  Change (and tons of artwork) is on the way (after the jump).

Michael Scoggins, Nov 4th 2008, 2008

by Andrei Molodkin at Galerie Orel Art

Some more Mr. Brainwash.

Screen prints by Russel Young at Keszler Gallery (he'll be doing a live Screen printing performance tomorrow at 2.)

Art Miami wanted to get in on the Obama welcome wagon too, and if you head left apon entrance you'll see this Obama portrait, but look who's hiding behind him. Sorry Bill, you're not the superstar you once were.

Click here to view our full slideshow of Scope. 

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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