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Save Alhambra Water Tower Fundraiser Kicks Off in Gables Today

The City of Coral Gables prides itself on its historic structures: the picturesque Country Club Prado, the recently renovated DeSoto Fountain, and the always fun Venetian Pool. Another iconic building is the Alhambra Water Tower. But unlike those structures, the water tower is in bad shape and the city is short on the money needed to restore the 1924 structure.

So what do city leaders do when they need more money for a capital improvement project? They have a party. And there's one scheduled today for 3:30 p.m. in front of the water tower itself - at the intersection of Alhambra Circle and Ferdinand Street in the Gables.

Refreshments (which we hope means something warm) will be served and

live music will be heard as preservationist try to raise $50,000 to go

with the $200,000 the city has budgeted for repairs and restoration.

Designed by H. G. Fink, the cousin of Coral Gables founder George

Merrick, the water tower was built to resemble a lighthouse instead of

the eyesore water towers that pop up all over the state. It hasn't been

used for its original purpose since the 1950s when the city began to get

its water pumped in from the Everglades.

The tower suffered major damage as a result of Hurricane Andrew in 1992

and was also hurt by storms this decade. Although the city has

undertaken some renovation projects on the water tower over the past ten

years, it still needs significant work. Today's event will kick off a

Save the Alhambra Water Tower campaign which will feature other

fundraisers. For more information, contact the Coral Gables Community


The Save the Alhambra Water Tower fundraiser will take place from 3:30

to 6 p.m. at the Alhambra Water Tower at the intersection of Alhambra

Circle and Ferdinand Street in Coral Gables. The event is free.

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