Saturday's Best Art Basel Miami Beach 2011 Events

Can you feel it? It's in the very back of your mind, but it's there -- that half-disappointed, half-relieved feeling that always hits you on Basel Saturday. It's the realization that the annual Basel bacchanal will be over in just a couple days.

Maybe you're already Baseled out, ready for all these pretentious artsy types to get the hell out so you can go back to your normal Miami lifestyle: crossing the causeways to South Beach in under an hour, for example, or getting in and out of Panther Coffee without waiting in a 20-person line. But remember: it won't be long until you start wishing you had a place to go watch a naked chick in a pigpen, or start craving vodka cocktails in a setting filled with giant spray paint cans. So make the most of these last couple days -- starting with these events.

Churchill's Tom Tom Magazine Basel Show: You can admit it: Lady drummers are hot. And you'll be surrounded by Miami's finest at Churchill's tonight. Tom Tom Magazine's leading a discussion and Drumming 101 lessons starting at 5pm, followed by a showcase of bands including Holly Hunt, Snakehole and The State Of.

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Electric Wedding: East meets west at Miami Beach Cinematheque tonight, with a collection of video art produced by artists from Los Angeles and Miami. Jillian Mayer, Primary Flight and Jen Stark will all show work. We can pretty much guarantee it'll be more entertaining than Say Yes to the Dress.

Women Art Revolution!: Feminist artists aren't exactly known for their understated tactics -- being loud and proud is kind of the point. Still, tonight's documentary at O Cinema contends there is a "secret history" of the feminist art movement, and tracks it from the 1960s and continuing to the present day. Ongoing screenings are taking place throughout the day.

Painterly: Tonight's selection for the SoundScape screen is an ode to digital technology, with videos using animation, sculpture and painting in addition to traditional film techniques. Added bonus: it's all set to a soundtrack specially produced for the venue's impressive speakers by Thomas Julier and Cédric Eisenring. The show starts at 8pm.

BIG HAIR: The Life & Times of Tomata du Plenty: After L.A.

punk band The Screamers broke up in the 1980s, lead singer David

Harrigan, aka Tomata du Plenty, began his career as an artist -- with

the help of Hollywood muses like Iggy Pop and Lucille Ball. Purdy Lounge shows a collection of his works tonight with a party starting at 8pm. 

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