Rub One Out

Getting a massage can be a decadent indulgence — try any spa in South Beach or Sunny Isles and you’ll learn quickly that hands-on therapy can cost a bundle. But massage is about more than relaxing at a high-end spa. A good therapist can help improve the health of your body and your mind. And this month, not only will the folks at Massage Envy improve your health, but also their Massage for the Cure initiative aims to bring free rubdowns to the people and simultaneously alleviate the pain that breast cancer causes throughout the nation. There are some basic rules: First of all, get the word masseuse out of your vocabulary. Professional massage therapists shun that term and the, um, connotations that come with it. Second, any establishment worth its triceps will throw you out on your ass before you even finish saying the words happy ending. And last, although treatments today are technically free, there’s a suggested donation of $49. All proceeds will benefit The Susan G. Komen Foundation. Before you venture out to any of Massage Envy’s 23 local locations (we hear the Kendall clinic, at 13660 N. Kendall Dr., Miami, will be hoppin’), call to book your massage at 866-933-3689, or visit Hurry, hurry — signup commenced last Monday, so those appointment books are probably getting full.
Mon., Sept. 15, 2008
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Patrice Elizabeth Grell Yursik