Royce Reed on Reunion, Tami vs. Meeka, and Why She Might Leave Basketball Wives

Ever heard the phrase,  "If you want the truth, go to the source?" Well, it's something we try to live by here at Cultist. So as we watched the Basketball Wives reunion Monday night on VH1, many questions came to our mind that host John Salley just couldn't seem to get answered. So what did we do? We called up Royce Reed.

Reality TV reunions are all about bringing castmates back together, clearing things up, and starting some new drama. Basketball Wives was no exception. The reunion picked a new scabs on spats like Jennifer Williams vs. Royce Reed, and Meeka Claxton vs.

everyone. But afterward, we just didn't feel satisfied with the way things were yet. Yet

Miss Reed cleared up all our inquiries and possibly started a few

rumors too.

New Times: Now that season three is over, what are your thoughts on what went down?
Royce Reed: Production and ratings side, they probably think it was great. Viewers probably thought it was awesome and entertaining. For a castmember, I thought certain episodes were OK and some were pretty good. And then there were those times I was absolutely cringing. Like, damn! I am on this show and I can't sit here and say I'm proud of it. With how much Jennifer, Evelyn, and I don't get along, each and every one of us has careers. None of that was shown.

What was the most cringeworthy moment you wish wouldn't have made TV?
The fight between Evelyn Lozada and I, for sure. I didn't go into that situation expecting to have a confrontation with her. By no means did I want to be fighting amongst company -- company being in quotes. I did have to defend myself, but you live and you learn, but it was definitely cringeworthy

Would you say any of your castmates are your friends?
When I am in Miami, I call Suzie up and we go eat. I call Tami a couple times a month. That's pretty much it. I still talk to Ashley (from Basketball Wives LA) all the time.

On the reunion, Suzie Ketchum dropped the ball that season three might be your last. Is this true?
It's true. Let me first say, I know there have been some interviews that have said it wasn't my choice. Shaunie has said "Royce might not be back," but it is my choice.  I just think that we are much more than how we are portrayed on the show. I understand people like drama, but it has become people laughing at us then laughing with us. We need to change the show. We are African-American women and it's hard for me to express the disappointment I feel when I see the show. We all have careers; we can be there for each other and get over the drama. It's exhausting.

So we shouldn't expect you on season four?
It depends. Right now, I have signed on for another season. I want to show more of my career side and my family side. If that is what they are willing to show and willing to do, I will come back. But I wont be the on constantly fighting and constantly arguing over petty things. I am done with that. I don't need this show to stay relevant.

Is Suzie as big of a gossip as she seems on TV?
People think I am crazy for saying this, but I don't really have a problem with Suzie.  What people don't understand, I take people for who they are. It takes a lot for me to call someone a friend and I have never called her that; you have never heard those words come out of my mouth. That said, I am straight with her, I just know how she is. There is just certain things you just can't tell Suzie.

Do you think if Meeka Claxton will come back for season four?
I don't know if she will be back for season four. I haven't talked to her in a few weeks. We are OK, we aren't friends, but we are respectful to each other. She has apologized and I accepted her apology. I think if she had it all to do over again, knowing what she knows now, I think our relationship would have started differently. I have no hard feelings towards her.

What are your thoughts on the lawsuit Meeka has against Tami Roman?
My thoughts are Tami is my girl. I think when you put yourself in this situation; you are opening yourself up for a lot of different things. I can't say I agree or disagree with it. Because if that's what she felt she needed to do, then that was her way to get out of the show. If the glass had hit me when Evelyn and I were fighting, I might have sued Evelyn. A punch? That's different.

Any news if Tami will be coming back for the next season?
Her ass better be back for season four! When I talked to her, she said she was coming back. If she doesn't, then I probably won't either.

Why do you think Jennifer Williams genuinely dislikes you?
I don't know. She claims it's all steaming from those Tweets, I think it's more than that. I think it all started with Evelyn and the fact she didn't like me. Then when Evelyn calmed down, it was like, "Well, I still don't like her." At this point, I don't have an issue with any of them. If they want to sit down like women and speaking about it, it would be fine. We can agree to disagree and get it moving. Debate was my favorite subject.

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