Rourke's Oscar Hopes Take One Step Forward with Globes Win, One Step Back with Steroid Rumors

Excuse me for covering this Best Actor Oscar race like a political election, but I need some horse race drama in my blogging life, and the 2010 elections are just so far --too far-- away. That being said, the Golden Globes are kind of like the 2008 Florida democratic primary. They don't really matter, but interesting nonetheless.

Our main man and fellow Miamian Mickey Rourke scored a minor, but not shocking, upset against favorite Sean Penn (who didn't even bother to show up) last night, and walked away with the first major award of his career.

But could talk that he might have used steroids to get into shape for his turn in The Wrestler be the Oscar equivalent of an October surprise?

Rourke has admitted to steroid use in the past, though he claims he never used the drugs during his brief pro-boxing career.

According the New York Daily News, in an upcoming interview of Men's Journal Rourke is asked if he used steroids to get into pro-wrestler shape. He doesn't deny it, and only says, "When I'm a wrestler, I behave like a wrestler."

Oscar voters eat up extreme body transformations like sugar-coated breakfast cereal. See: Nicole Kidman's Virginia Wolf nose, Charlize Theron's make under for Monster, or Robert DeNiro's dramatic weight fluctuation in Raging Bull. Though, call me crazy, but I bet they prefer that sugar-coated cereal steroid free.

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