Rourke Inks Iron Man 2 Deal

It was inevitable, but now it is official. Mickey Rourke is no longer our quirky washed up actor turned suprising Oscar Nominee for a small indie. He's officially a blockbuster idol once again. After some rumors to the contrary, he's signed on for a big role in Iron Man II. 

He'll play Backlash, a Soviet metal-head villain based loosely on the Iron Man's comic book faux the Crimson Dynamo (shades of Cold War 2.0 here), and reportedly will snag a pay check fitting for his new superstar status. 

He'll join fellow Oscar nominees Robert Downey Jr., Samuel L. Jackson, and Don Cheadel, along with Best Actress winner Gwyneth Paltrow. Oscar winner Tim Robbins and Golden Globe'd Scarlet Johansson are also rumored to be signing on. That's a lot of serious Awards show honors for a cast of a comic book movie. Director Jon Favreau is set to return, and actor-turned-scribe Justin Theroux is writting the script. 

Mickey, congratulations on your sucess, but do try to visit us and protest pet shops on your scooter once in a while. 

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