Photo by Tracy Block
Well endowed with sexual intentions, Ron Jeremy poses for a picture with himself at the Hustler store in South Beach Wednesday night.

Ron Jeremy, Adult Video Awards and a Chest Autograph

Last night, celebrity photographer Michael Grecco titillated Art Basel with the release party for his book "Naked Ambition: An R-Rated Look at an X-Rated Industry." The book is a backstage look at the Adult Video News Awards and last night's voyeurs were promised porn stars, celebrity guests, and toxic cocktails at the Hustler Hollywood store in South Beach. But by 1am, there was a Hulk Hogan, look-a-like, a few possible sex offenders, that guy that throws all the swingers parties, and - oh yeah - , Ron Jeremy. So I dodged the latex clad models and creeps ogling the black and red thongs and made a beeline for the hedgehog. He was surrounded by fans - and the pungent odor of budussy - so I quickly introduced myself. Had the weak cucumber mojito been

doing its job, I may have asked him for an in-person peek at his little friend, but instead I asked him about his plans for the rest of his trip to Miami. He said something about Paris Hilton, blah blah blah, but nothing juicy. His fans were beginning to hover, so I bid Ron adieu. He kissed me on my cheek - um, ew - offered to autograph my

tata and went on his furry way. -- Raina McLeod

PS - I so woke up with"RJ" and a heart with an arrow through it marked on my chest. Score!

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