"Romney Won?" Miami Celebrities React to Last Night's Presidential Election

We no-name schlubs weren't the only ones nervously biting our nails as we watched Florida flutter between President Obama and Governor Romney last night. Some of the biggest entertainers associated with our city were tracking the election, too -- with varying degrees of success.

Okay, so new Miami resident Kim Kardashian wasn't exactly tracking the results in real time. But at least she got her news from a credible source.

The same could not be said for her ex.

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Real Housewife and animal activist Joanna Krupa was tracking a whole different result: whether voters would approve the creation of The Pet's Trust. Success!

And her co-star, Obama supporter and white lady gangsta Lea Black, said some nice things about Romney publicly (probably before turning around and badmouthing him behind his back).

Gabrielle Union was feeling the Obama slogan hashtag love.

LeBron, meanwhile, couldn't help but notice his own ties to this year's most heavily contested swing states.

Real Dragwife Elaine Lancaster's looking forward to four more years of fab Michelle Obama style.

And hell, even former Basketball Wife (and former Ochocinco wife) Evelyn Lozada thinks Obama and Biden are pretty bad-ass dudes.

But lest you lump Miami in with that stereotypical liberal Hollywood culture, remember: There's always Victoria Jackson.

Never change, VJ. Never change.

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