Romero Britto Bought a Painting by Bubbles the Chimp During Art Basel

Like many people in town for Art Basel last week, Miami pop artist Romero Britto went shopping for new works to add to his personal collection in Wynwood.

Unlike most people, Britto came home with a piece of canvas painted by Bubbles, the celebrity chimpanzee. The jokes, they write themselves.

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But before you make your own snarky "Britto shares his taste in art with ape, literally" joke, consider that the purchase was for charity. The painting was part of a Wynwood fundraising exhibition benefiting the Center for Great Apes, a non-profit sanctuary for chimpanzees and orangutans located in Wauchula, Florida, where Bubbles is a resident.

Britto's purchase helped keep chimps like Bubbles safe and cared for. It's actually a pretty sweet gesture of charity and kindness to all earth's creatures.

However. Britto showed up to perform this gesture in this car:

Feel free to make all the jokes you want about that. Just leave the apes out of it.

Learn more about the Center for Great Apes at the website.

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