Romantic Endings Pairs Classic Movie Death Scenes With a Ten-Course Dinner

Love and death are constant themes in life, always ripe for artistic exploration. So get ready for sweet drama next Wednesday with "Romantic Endings," created and produced by Pioneer Winter and Indie Film Club Miami. The event will take guests on a dramatic live of love through 10 of film's most captivating romantic death scenes, coupled with a matching food experience and contemporary dance performance.

Diliana Alexander, the executive director of Indie Film Club Miami, says the event was created as a way to raise awareness and funds for Filmgate Interactive Media Festival, which will take place next year from February 1 - 8.

"Filmgate Interactive spotlights multi-platform storytelling," she said via email. "The projects have more than two artistic elements and have interactivity with the audience. Through 'Romantic Endings,' we are curating an evening of film, food and dance - pairings that will bring a sense of nostalgia, whimsy, and maybe even some laughs through the tears."

Speaking of tears, you might be wondering why a romantic night out will involve some of the film industry's most poignant death scenes. Alexander said that the moments give a nod to the classic elements of tragedy.

"We are interested in the cathartic moments induced in the audience and the paradoxical sense of pleasure as a result. A nod to Greek tragedy, we have the modern audience in mind," she says. "It's a high voltage multi-sensory experience -- not one romantic death experience, but ten of them! Each has a specifically crafted dish or beverage pairing to enhance the experience. What is it about human suffering that is so delicious? And why, as an audience, are we often afraid of the sad moments, opting for the parade of vapid happy endings?"

The screening of film scenes will be accompanied by a ten-course meal curated by chef Tanner Gill. Gill has designed the menu to tie back to the scenes that will be shown to the audience. Also, Swan Lake, one of ballet's most iconic shows, has been reimagined for a contemporary audience. Alexander described how choreographer and dancer Marissa Alma Nick reimagined the ballet.

"Commissioned for Romantic Endings by Pioneer Winter and Indie Film Club Miami, as a dinner interlude, Marissa Nick reimagines the 1877 ballet classic, Swan Lake. This new work, Swan Lake's Battle Royale takes a spin on the classic," she wrote. "In this fight to the death, the black and the golden swan will fight to win the heart of their beloved prince."

As you have probably already deduced, you just might cry at "Romantic Endings." But if you come alone and need someone to lean on, the event will have you covered. "We know it will be very moving, so we have professional hand holders to lend a sympathetic hand to those who need them," wrote Alexander.

"Romantic Endings" will take place at the Bakehouse Art Complex (561 NW 32nd St., Miami) Aug. 27 from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. Visit Eventbrite for tickets.

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