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Robert Rodriguez Punches New Times Reporter, Talks About His El Rey Network

Bloggin' ain't easy.

A common misconception is that bloggers spend their entire day sans pants behind their Macbook pros aggregating culturally relevant blog content to maximize web traffic.

Au contraire, mon frères.

Sometimes--not often--we have to wear adult clothes and venture out into that scary unknown old folks call "the outdoors." And sometimes--not often--you get punched in the face by legendary filmmaker Robert Rodriguez.

We met Rodriguez on Saturday across the street from "Mestizo City" to talk about his latest project, an English-language network for Comcast aimed at second and third generation Latinos, El Rey.

What transpired, however, was an exclusive Robert Rodriguez-directed scene starring this reporter, and a cameo by New Times video man Jake Katel.

Peep the clip after the cut.

"[El Rey] is an amazing opportunity," Rodriguez says. "If you look at the networks, there're about 120 networks that are English-language. Ten of those are African American. There's only one that's only somewhat English, the Nuvo, which is Spanglish. But [Latinos] are the largest minority group--it makes no sense. So to have a place like El Rey is really important."

However, don't think that your last name has to end in "Z" to enjoy El Rey's content. Like Rodriguez's films, the network is for everybody.

"That's a real important distinction," Rodriguez says. "I think that if you tell even a Latino, 'Hey, we're making you your own special show that's just for you over here in this corner,' they're not going to go see it (laughs)."

Instead, Rodriguez suggests, "they want to feel like it's so cool that it's taking over the general population, they they're the general population. I think that's what helps unite people. That's why my movies, we don't pull out the 'Latin schtick.' It's about showing what your contributions are and taking to even greater heights."

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