Rise of the MasterMinds: Meet the Ten Astounding 2015 Finalists

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Alex Trimino

Fluorescent bars wrapped in crocheted cylinders. Glowing neon draped in tangled yarn. Tree-like structures of light sprouting leaves of knitwork. Exploring an Alex Trimino art exhibition can feel like wandering through an exotic, synthetic jungle -- a surreal spectacle.

Jolt Radio

The term "internet radio" may conjure some unsavory images: sad slacker dudes, perhaps, with bad haircuts ranting about conspiracy theories or playing pirated music from their moms' Florida rooms. Banish those thoughts, at least when it comes to Jolt Radio.

TM Sisters

When Monica and Natasha Lopez De Victoria were growing up in Miami, did they ever imagine they'd work so closely together as adults? The pair laughs at the question. Their decadelong collaboration as one of Miami's most mind-bendingly creative duos came together by happenstance, not planning.

Bistoury Theatre

Bistoury Theatre's latest production, Tribe, explores homelessness. It's an intimately familiar topic for the troupe's cofounder Alexey Taran, who lived life on the streets firsthand.

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