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Sweet stuff

Before a crowd of hundreds packed onto the sand at Collins Park's Art Positions late Wednesday night, digital dominatrix Peaches took off her undies.

No doubt the gathered Art Baselites were not the sort of audience for whom the bikini clad rocker was used to performing, but this was a freebie. And the assembled throng let out a refined whoop in support of her striptease.

"Was she naked," I hear you gasp in horror. "Why how very un-Basel!"


At least not at that point.

Sure, the knickers came down, but she sported at least five other pairs beneath, which were then shed during gulps of scotch (she declined the bottle of champers) and energetic renditions of songs such as Fuck The Pain Away and Two Guys (for Every Girl).

Hard to think before the self-taught, self-produced high priestess of dirty lyrics released albums Teaches of Peaches, Fatherfucker and ImPeach My Bush, this strap-on sporting, Toronto native taught kiddies and worked as a librarian!

But rest assured, her finale lived up to expectations; she jumped off the stage, sprinted down the sand to the shore (all-female band in tow), ripped off her clothes, and jumped in the sea.

Hmm, methinks someone in Basel-ville forgot to Google Peaches before inviting her to their very illustrious art fair.

Whoever it was, we would like to shake your hand. Rock on girl. -Joanne Green

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