Ring the Wedding Bells! Five Miami Venues for Same-Sex Weddings

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5. The Carlyle Hotel

This location has a ton of history as an Art Deco marvel, but it's more famous from the 1996 comedy The Birdcage. The Carlyle was used as the titular drag club owned by Robin Williams' Armand Goldman and his partner (and star of The Birdcage's drag revue) Albert, played by Nathan Lane.

The Birdcage is one of the many films that the hotel has been featured in. Bad Boys 2, Random Hearts and the classic gangster film Scarface have also been filmed on the premises.

But apart from its film history, The Carlyle is a part of Miami Beach's living art history. The hotel was built in 1939 by legendary architecture firm Kiehnel and Elliot, and is part of Miami Beach's collection of vintage Art Deco locations, the biggest collection of Art Deco resort architecture in America.

4. Hôtel Gaythering

Miami Beach has a ton of gay-friendly hotels, but surprisingly, there hasn't been a straight-up (no pun intened) gay hotel, until now. Hôtel Gaythering is Miami Beach's only gay hotel, proudly stating that it's "hetero friendly."

The hotel, owned by Alexander Guerra and Stephan Ginez, stands apart for not indulging in the pastel, breezy aesthetic Miami Beach is known for. Instead, it has a stark, masculine design featuring the color red as a focal point. The hotel also features a bar, coffee shop, self spa and library. The small, intimate library allows for 20 to 40 people and has been the meeting spot for group discussions, small parties and perhaps, a quiet wedding.

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