Retweets to be Retired? Business Insider Says Twitter Considering a Stupid "Share" Option

Q: What's the best part about Twitter?

A: It's not Facebook - or is it?

A little birdy over at Business Insider told us the social media giant is considering doing away with the beloved "Retweet" in favor of a very Zuckerbergian "Share" option, and we think that's just kind of stupid. Must all social media outlets be created in one another's image? Freaking no, they shouldn't.

Whatever happened to brand recognition?

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We're not business experts - the most we ever did was take macroeconomics in college - but it seems to us product differentiation would be nothing but a good thing. And yet, to the chagrin of many a Twitter twat, product testing visible to a small portion of twitter users indicates the company is rolling out "Share with followers" as opposed to the popular standard.

A lot of twitter users are voicing disdain, so why does Twitter CEO Dick Costolo want to get rid of the most iconic part of the Twitterverse? Well, besides the little blue bird. Again, we're not business experts, and he thinks he knows better. Via Business Insider:

But Costolo revealed on his most recent earnings call that user engagement was down at Twitter and user growth overall was nearing stagnation at 241 million users. The problem is that nearly 1 billion people have signed up for Twitter and then abandoned it. Investors punished the stock even though the company's financials were sound.

Costolo has said that he believes the user interface is too intimidating to new users because they need to learn Twitter's jargon, such as "retweet," @" and "MT." In fact, Costolo is also experimenting with doing away with the "@" symbol.

No! Not the "@" symbol! Is nothing sacred? It's almost enough to make us quit tweeting - almost.

And really, therein lies the truth of the matter. Facebook is constantly updating their interface, and most of the time, our newsfeeds are full of complaints, but does anyone ever stop using the site? Not really, from what we can see. People may like to bitch, but if one is already hooked on a substance, one does not simply quit cold turkey because of a perceived degradation in quality. We, for one, would certainly keep "sharing" all our favorite tweets with our followers.

But hey, it's not over yet. Retweet while you can, suckers.

Read the full article on Business Insider: Twitter May Kill The 'Retweet' -- And People Are Freaking Out

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