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Restored Hitchcock Classics Kick Off Year at Gables Art Cinema

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The films, which will be shown in remastered DCP (Digital Cinema Package) for the big screen, include eight masterpieces: North by Northwest, Rear Window, Vertigo, Psycho, The Lady Vanishes,The 39 Steps, Rope, and Shadow of a Doubt. Chediak has dubbed the series "Forever Hitchcock."

"There are filmmakers who are in such control of the medium that you feel that instead of voice to tell stories, they use films, and Hitchcock was one of them. Hitchcock spoke through the language of film, and he was a perfectionist. He used to say, perhaps jokingly, the most boring part of the process was the making of the film itself because once he had the screenplay and the storyboards, all he had to do was go through the motions."

Pressed for a favorite in this mix of movies, Chediak mentions his personal attachment to Psycho. "Not because I stabbed anyone or because I harbor any ill feelings for my late mother," he laughs, "but because of the effect it had on my daughter, who's an aspiring screenwriter and who for many years, while she was in high school, would bring her friends to my media room, and I'd be working in the office upstairs, and at a certain point I'd hear Bernard Herman's wailing violins accompanied by screams from her girlfriends watching the movie."

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