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Remember Atari? Miami Duo Produce Documentary on History of Video Games

If you're a gamer who's a little more sophisticated than your average Candy Crush player, it's likely you pledge allegiance to Atari, a pioneer in the world of video games. But do you really know the ins and outs of their groundbreaking beginning?

Soon, you can. Two Miamians are taking their love of filmography and gaming and turning it into the first documentary of its kind, dubbed World 1-1. The series of flicks will focus on the history of video games, starting with Atari. But to make this project possible, they need your help, via Kickstarter, of course.

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Jeanette Garcia and Daryl Rodriguez are the duo behind the dream. Their plan is to launch a series of documentaries, all focused on the history of video games and gaming. The first installment will be all about Atari, primarily from the perspectives of those who helped create the industry itself.

"We're trying to take the approach of covering the personalities that were involved and getting their insight and perspective; interviewing key players that were there and trying to take their perspective as opposed to making it more informational," said Garcia.

Their interview list, thus far, includes Nolan Bushnell, co-founder of Atari; David Crane, co-founder of Activision; Warren Robinett, creator of Adventure, one of the world's first RPGs; and Dona Bailey, co-creator of Centipede, one of the first games to attract a large female audience -- among others.

But what surprises lurk in the geeky world of gamers and developers?

"Something that we mention is that in the last ten years there have been a couple times that the games industry actually surpassed the film and music industry in terms of sales. That surprises a lot of people," Rodriguez adds.

Assuming all goes well with the funding, they'll start the interview process in December and plan on a release date in October of 2014. They have until November 6 to raise the funds via Kickstarter. As of now, they've raised $2,087 of $15,000 with a total of 67 backers. So, if you're into Atari and have fond memories of Donkey Kong -- throw 'em a bone.

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