Reddit Inspires Campaign to Turn New Times Story on Homeless Children Into Film

Have you ever been so affected by a story it stayed with you for years?

The Internet feels that way about one feature; a viral sensation so big, there's a Kickstarter out there to turn it into a movie. We here at Miami New Times can't help but be pleased. We published the thing back in 1997.

"Myths Over Miami," by Lynda Edwards, captured the real trials and fantastic spiritual tales of Miami's young homeless population. It was a vibrant story of good vs. evil, compelling for its tragic nature yet somehow inspiring for the children's determination. They clung to their beliefs -- that God had been kicked out of heaven by "La Llorona," and only "the Blue Lady" could save them. They needed these tales to cope with their hardships, and they drew haunting pictures of the strange idols and demons they said were more than imaginary.

Now, with a little help from readers like you, "Myths Over Miami" can be the inspiration for an ambitious short film, The Epic of Hershey.

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