Red Bull Flugtag Returns to Miami November 3

See photos from the last Red Bull Flugtag Miami.

Are you creative? A decent swimmer? A little bit crazy? Most importantly, are you an attention whore with no fear of heights?

If so, Red Bull Flugtag is looking for you.

The amateur flying -- er, "flying" -- competition returns to Miami on Saturday, November 3. That means now's the time to apply to get your own handmade aviation machine in the running for fame and glory. (Or, more likely, a hilarious crash landing into Biscayne Bay.)

If you missed the Flugtag when it came through town in 2010, it goes a little something like this: Teams step onto a platform with a handmade vehicle of their own design. They perform a little skit to music, usually for maximum self-embarrassment and pandering to the thousands who gather at Bayfront Park to watch the spectacle. Then they throw themselves and their vehicle into the water. It's all judged by a panel of Miami celebrities, who appear to have no real criteria for their scores other than, "I liked it," or "I didn't."

Stupid? Sure. Pointless? Of course. But it's stupid, pointless fun, especially if you like to watch your fellow man wipe out over and over and over again.

If you want to be on the podium with the rest of the flying freaks this year, you've gotta hurry -- the application deadline is September 1. Visit redbullflugtagusa.com.

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