Reality Star Whitney Port Talks Florida, Fashion, and Friend Lauren Conrad

The Real Housewives, Snooki, and the Kardashians have plenty in common. They're stars of the small screen. They're women that much of America loves to hate. And yes, they have their own clothing lines. But can you really take them seriously as fashion designers? Not while they're still making out in jacuzzi tubs and hurling vases at each others' heads on TV.

MTV's Whitney Port is a different story. Sure, she got her start on The Hills and later snagged her own spinoff, The City. But what you might not realize is that her line, Whitney Eve, is her own sweat and tears. She even left the spotlight to focus on her brand. And it's paid off. Earlier this year, we saw her work at New York Fashion Week, and she'll be showing her line in the Big Apple again in September.

This weekend, we got the chance to sit down one-on-one with the blonde in her very own Fiji Water cabana poolside at The Perry on South Beach.

Cultist: I saw your show during New York Fashion Week. But it was at 9 a.m. Is it better to be earlier?
Whitney Port: Yeah, it was early! I would prefer to be later. But as a newcomer, they give you whatever you can get. You usually work all night and then to have a 6 a.m. call time, well, it's a little rough. Worth it though, of course.

Can we expect you at Miami Swim Week anytime soon?
I do a lot of resort looks, but haven't dabbled into swimwear yet. If I ever do swim, of course.

Do you like South Florida in general?
I do. I love Miami. My best friend went to school here. It's actually her bachelorette this weekend, so Miami was the perfect fit. It's just a town where having a good time is inevitable. Usually the weather is better, but what can you do?

It seems like the Miami paparazzi love to find you frolicking on the beach. Do you ever get used to it?
At this point, sort of. I usually say in the beginning like, "What do you want from me so you can get it and I can move on with my day." Yesterday, that didn't work.

What's next for the Whitney Eve brand?
Whitney Eve collection is constantly growing. I am showing at New York Fashion week again in September. I'll have jewelry coming out later this year.  

Will it be broke girl-friendly?
For sure. All under $150. I mean, I am 27. I know girls my age are just starting to be able to splurge on pieces -- if they are lucky. I keep my friends in mind when designing.

What's your advice for aspiring designers?
Have a lot of patience -- it takes a lot of hard work. Expect to start from the bottom and slowly move your way up. If you can, start interning in high school. In college, try to start working. Work even if it is unpaid. Get in the door early.

We have seen you grow from The Hills, to The City and beyond. Any plans to do reality TV again?
No. I don't miss reality TV at all. I would do a fashion type show if it wasn't so intimate and focused on my personal life. I was just a judge on Britain and Ireland's' Top Model, which I loved, but other than that I am in no need for a reality show.

Oh yes -- you just worked with Tyson Beckford on that show!
(Laughs) Yes, I did. He's as hot as he is nice.

Your former boss, Kelly Cutrone, will be back this season for America's Next Top Model.
She wasn't just my boss, she is actually my friend. Not just that, but my mentor. I just got a missed call from her. She is great on that show. She has such great advice always. If she has something to say regarding your career, listen. She has been in this industry forever.

Are you and Lauren Conrad still friends?
Absolutely. We have grown together as women. I am so proud of the woman she has become. She inspires me.

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