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Real Housewives of Miami's Marysol Patton Talks Elsa and the Reunion

Remember the days when being a housewife was a bad thing? Now we all know now that being a housewife is all you need to get on TV and also make a ton of cash. One of our favorites, Marysol Patton, isn't actually a housewife at all but maven of PR powerhouse, The Patton Group.

And as you may remember, days before the premiere of the Real Housewives of Miami, Patton's DUI exploded onto the blogosphere. Her mama's mugshot

came out too. Did anyone notice she and Elsa were in matching outfits?

Nonetheless, the DUI didn't stop Patton from quickly becoming a fan

favorite. Not only is she the only one who doesn't gossip like she is a

15-year-old girl, but her mother has more charisma than the whole cast combined. We caught up with Marysol at Lea Black's gala. Read how her expectations for the live reunion matched up with the train wreck that went down.

New Times: We have to start with the fact that we adore your mother, Elsa. Has anyone approached you to do a spinoff show?

Marysol Patton: No, no one has...yet.

Are you surprised by the national treasure your mom has become?

People have ALWAYS loved my mom. She has had a huge celebrity following for, like, 20 years. She doesn't think anything of it. But I'm just used to people loving her, and hanging on to every word she says.  It's just her being herself.

What was it like to watch yourself on TV?

I thought I was going to be really scared to watch myself on TV. I really am shy, but when I watched it, it was like, "Oh yeah, I remember doing that!" It was fun to watch.

How did you think you were portrayed on the show?

I think I was portrayed well. I was 100 percent myself and that showed. I don't really make fun of people, so they maybe wished for more of that, but that's not really my thing. I would rather make fun of myself than anyone else.

What about watching your wedding on TV?

That made me cry! Every time I watch it, I tear up. I never understand why, I mean it has been a year!

So it has been a year? How did you celebrate?

My husband wasn't even here. His grandmother is sick, so he had to go back to France.

If Bravo offered you guys another season, would you do it?

I would love to.

Are you going to want to get anything off your chest at the reunion?

Um, we will see what they ask me. If they ask me something that is really bothering me, I'll be honest.

Do you think any ladies will get fiesty? Cristy Rice and Larsa Pippen seem to keep to themselves.

We're too educated for that. We need a little bit more street girls for that.

How do you think you ladies portrayed Miami?

It doesn't matter what city you come from, people are always going to say, "Oh my God! That's not even our town."

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