Real Housewives of Miami's Adriana de Moura Seduces a Seaman in Swimwear Ads

Hello, sailor.

The women of the Real Housewives franchise are generally known to be self-obsessed wastes of space whose vanity projects only showcase how talentless they really are. (See Dana Wilkey of the Beverly Hills edition, whose new song is an homage to a pair of sunglasses priced at $25,000. Seriously.)

In that context, Adriana de Moura of The Real Housewives of Miami is actually making us proud -- well, as proud as we can be of a homegrown Bravo reality star -- with her modeling gig for Holt swimwear.

According to a statement from Holt, De Moura and swimwear designer Elisea Nir Wolff have known each other for years, so when it was time to choose "the face of Holt swimwear," the Brazilian reality star was an easy choice. "It felt natural to choose Adriana as our new muse, as she is a good representation of the Miami culture with her sexy South Beach vibe and gorgeous Latin looks," Wolff says. "Being a Miami based business, Holt and Adriana De Moura are a perfect match."

Also a perfect match: de Moura and the song in the above video of the shoot. Sample lyrics: "You want me. You love me. You hate me. I don't care."

For a modern-day reality star, there's no better mantra.

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