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Real Housewives of Miami, Yes It Really Happened

Photo by Jipsy
Elaine Lancaster with...Oprah?
Forget T.D. 16, the breaking news this morning is that the rumors about The Real Housewives of Miami are confirmed and true. The reality show was already filmed and might air on Bravo as soon as this November. So, for those who've been polishing their marble columns out in Doral and laying down a dozen Benjamins to make sure their hair is flat and shiny, and skin is plump and tan, just stop. It's over. And it seems like there might have been a bait and switch. While the show was in production it was reportedly called Miami Social Club. Yet some insider told E! News that it's now part of the Housewives franchise but that it will be tamer, yet sexier, than the other cities. Yeah, cause tame and sexy often go together. Especially in day-glow-pink Miami.

Anywho, check the jump for the scoop on who will star in our very own Housewives. Here's a tease: Is one a dude that looks a lot like a lady? Uh-huh.

Here's the rumored Miami cast:

  • Scottie Pippin's wife, Larsa
  • Former L.A. Laker/Miami Heat player Glen Rice's ex-wife, Christy

  • Art scene socialite Adriana Sidi

  • Venue Magazine editor Alexia Echeverria

  • Public relations expert Marysol Patton

  • Charity planner Lea Black, wife of defense attorney Roy Black

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Amanda McCorquodale