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Real Housewives of Miami, Episode 2: Alexia Hates Hialeah

We might be getting a little ahead of ourselves, but it looks like this season of Real Housewives of Miami is actually getting good. Yes, the first episode was boring, but the second really stepped it up. Are we the only ones who feel this way?

As an avid Housewives watching fan, a lot of the ladies in other

franchises have charities and such targeting violence, dogs, hunger, shopping

addictions, etc. You name it and they have a charity of some sort for it.

They show up, they eat, and they leave--that is pretty much their only

part in the whole thing. But not with Lea Black. It's actually like

seeing a unicorn driving to work to see a housewife not only putting on a

gala, but seem to be running the entire show. If it's all staged, well,

job well done Mrs. Black.

Alexia Echebarria, however, is a piece of work. First, she says she is having a serious internal struggle between being a socialite, an editor, and having friends that all want to be in her magazine. Jeez--let us give you a hug. And second, get ready to get some shit from the residents of Hialeah. We were shocked when she started discussing that the people who live there, or in her words "the lower person," like to see what people in Miami Beach are wearing in her publication. Is she probably right? Yes. But to say it out loud, that took balls. Those Hialeah hoochies are going to put on their Chinese slippers and coming after her.

Before the season even began, we were hearing that Larsa Pippen enjoys firing herself a nanny or twelve. And yep, she sure does. Let's see: she told us she actually sleeps better at night after she does it and after a few weeks of work, usually gives them nicknames like turtle, snail, or half the time she says she doesn't even know their names.

Wow, that is really lovely Lars. We can imagine people from far and wide will be lining up to work for you and your way too-short-for-your-age shorts. And we see where she gets it, too. Her mother was super excited to fire the nanny the minute she walked into her household.

Marysol Patton was barely part of last night's episode, but when she did make an appearance, it was with her mother so of course, we loved it.  We wouldn't even mind if all the other ladies were cut and it was only her madre Elsa the entire time. But Lea's event was actually a really big deal. We knew it was, but to see it first hand was pretty insane. When everyone from Governor Charlie Christ to Rick Ross is there, that's impressive.

In the words of Atlanta housewife Nene Leakes, how bougie is Cristy Rice? Who doesn't pay a dollar for a charity gala, shows up with two friends, and then works the room while saying things like "ultra fabulous?" 

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