Real Housewives' Karent Sierra Could Be Liable for Lindsay Lohan's Latest Driving Incident

Paperwork is boring, Porshes are not.

And Karent Sierra from Real Housewives of Miami doesn't like boring. Two months ago she made moves to sell her Porsche Cayenne. But though the car is now in the hands of one Domingo Zapata, Sierra still hasn't switched the registration.

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Fast forward to 2 a.m. Wednesday morning. Zapata had lent that Porsche to the Queen of Bad Mistakes, Lindsay Lohan, and she was making her next stop of the night at the Dream Hotel in downtown Manhattan. As she was parking the car, she grazed a pedestrian's knee. Caring friend that she is, Lohan got out of the car to check that the pedestrian hadn't left any scratches, according to Perez Hilton.

Just half an hour later, as she was leaving the hotel, Lohan was arrested. She did not test positive for alcohol and was released with desk appearance ticket.

Back down in Miami, Sierra, whose name is still legally attached to the car, doesn't appear to be in any trouble right now. But TMZ reports that she could be held legally responsible for the incident. Sierra's rep released the following statement to TMZ:

Through filming for Real Housewives of Miami, press engagements, and crazy travel schedules, the paperwork has not been executed 100 percent for the sale of the Porsche. But [Dr. Sierra] is not responsible for the unfortunate occurrence that took place with Ms. Lohan and the pedestrian.

The pedestrian, by the way, was admitted to the hospital. His injuries weren't visible. And he now has the memory of a lifetime.

--Anna Hiatt

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