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As the grunge lore goes, Kurt Cobain actually smelled like Teen Spirit. We can only surmise it was due to cuddling in the crook of the arm of then-girlfriend Tobi Vail, wearer of said deodorant. Legend has it that his girlfriend’s bandmate noticed Cobain’s adolescent girl odor and spray-painted “Kurt smells like Teen Spirit” on his wall. Not realizing there was a deodorant by the same name, Cobain was struck by the phrase and named Nirvana’s 1991 single after the scent. The subsequent marketing boost for the Mennen brand of arm-pit stink was crushing to Cobain, who became exponentially disillusioned with rock fame as Nirvana’s popularity peaked. Seventeen years ago this Tuesday, MTV’s Kurt Loder broke the news of Cobain’s self-inflicted, fatal gunshot wound to the head. Hearts broke in youngsters with fingers poised over their Discman’s play button for another listen of In Utero. Those fans are now 30 to 40 years old and are still likely to mope around on the anniversary of Cobain’s death. For the rest of you, stop by Churchill’s Pub for the Nirvana Tribute. Bands Mere Quantum Noise, Armada!, the Disciples, Mistr Rey, and Dino Felipe will deliver renditions of their favorites from Bleach, Nevermind, and In Utero.
Tue., April 5, 8 p.m., 2011
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Amanda McCorquodale

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