Rakontur's The U: A Deleted Scene Starring Some Nobody Named Jimmy Johnson

The manic countdown to the August 17 DVD release of Billy Corben and Alfred Spellman's 'Canes epic The U continues, rumbling and raging like Warren Sapp at the Shore Club. (The charges were dropped, OK?) And this week, Miami's most notorious movie moguls reached deep into the Rakontur vault and retrieved a deleted scene that captures the complete chaos and crisis of confidence following Coach Howard Schnellenberger's defection to the USFL.

Fans wailed and moaned. Players panicked like rats in a burning barn. And the 'Canes killer incoming class -- Bennie Blades, Brett Perriman, Michael Irvin, etc. -- was tossed into limbo. Like Melvin Bratton confesses: "It was very disheartening and a lot of guys really, really wanted to transfer. And I was one of them." Easily, the whole program could've crumbled under all that panic. But instead the whole thing held together, UM dropped a big bet on a nobody named Jimmy Johnson, and two years later the University of Miami Hurricanes became National Champions for a second time.

Check out the clip after the cut.

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