Rakontur Celebrates Its 10th Birthday With Racy Frat House Footage

Rakontur kicked off its 10th anniversary retrospective at O Cinema last night with Raw Deal: A Question of Consent, the renegade Miami film-making duo's first and, some say, most controversial documentary.

Though the boys of Rakontur are most famous for Cocaine Cowboys, the lesser-known Raw Deal played to a mostly full house -- on a Monday night.

The film, packed with original footage of the alleged rape of an exotic dancer by Delta Chi frat brothers at the University of Florida, had not been screened publicly since 2002.

Director Billy Corben said he and

producer Alfred Spellman, both in their early 20s at the time of

filming, tried to create through their documentary a trial that never

happened for the frat brothers.


used testimony from the alleged victim and attackers, but a good part

of the movie consists of uncensored, intoxicated sex scenes that made

the audience shift in their seats.


warned them before the film began, "If you can't handle [harsh]

language... sit close to the aisle so you can step out halfway."

But no one did.


fact, every viewer stayed through the end of Corben's Q&A after the

show to discuss the legal meaning of rape, Corben's take on the case

("I think the film makes my opinion clear"), and why the alleged victim

and her mother wore the same dress for their interviews.

Photos by Maria Murriel
Director Billy Corben took questions from the audience with legal expert Jude M. Faccidomo, Esquire, and media moderator, Dan Hudak.

A semi-full house. They're not sleeping; they're in shock.

Producing partner David Cypkin after the screening.

Audience members debate about what the outcome of the case should have been.

O Cinema displayed exclusive backstage photos from the movie Scarface, a tip of the hat to Rakontur's Cocaine Cowboys.

Corben continued to take questions after the film.

Snapshots of Miami crime on display at the cinema.

O Cinema's Rakontur retrospective "The First 10 Years" will continue through Friday. For showtimes and tickets visit

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Maria Murriel