Rachel Dratch Lampoons A-Lister's Memoirs in Celebrity Autobiography

​Fuck Christopher Hitchens and his lame opinion on funny women. Rachel Dratch and decades of hilarious female cast members on Saturday Night Live demonstrate that humorous females exist in abundance. Dratch told us about working on SNL, "We were a pretty evolved bunch. I never felt any disadvantage." Women are funny, Hitchens, you just don't get the jokes. 

Dratch is one of stage and television's finest for her characters such as Debbie Downer and Will Farrell's lovah. A mere goofy look from this lady is enough to make anyone giggle. 

Dratch will be in town tomorrow to read from memoirs written by other famous people, alongside talented performers in Celebrity Autobiography. Celebrities take their lives very seriously, even semi-celebs are certain that you want the details of their personal lives, (how they brush their teeth, where they went to elementary school, what they take to sleep). Writer and performer Eugene Pack put together this very popular stage show that's been featured all over the place, including on NPR, The View, on Bravo, in Rolling Stone, and Time Magazine

We caught up the new mom while she was performing one of her motherly duties, and asked her a bit about SNL and a misunderstanding about the Jonas Brothers. 

New Times: My favorite characters are Denise and Sully and I wanted to know if that was based on anyone you knew growing up in Massachusetts?

Rachel Dratch: Yeah, definitely a conglomeration of a lot of people I went to high school with, not a specific person, but I guess it's my inner Masshole coming out or something, as they call it.

Both onstage or on screen, which is your favorite character to play or write? 

Well, I always get asked this question and I never know what to say cause like, at SNL, you're always trying to get that recurring character going, so whatever you kind of land on, that's your temporary favorite character, I guess. But I liked those lovers characters with Will Farrell, because they kind of made me want to throw up and laugh at the same time. And, let's see, I like Debbie Downer because that's the one I'm most known for, I guess. Those are the two that come to mind. But I also liked the Boston thing, just any kind that got on air on SNL is your favorite. 

Do you have a favorite female comedian? 

Well, growing up, I always liked Gilda Radner, Lily Tomlin, and Carol Burnett. Well, I was little, so I wasn't really studying them. I was subconsciously taking in that sort of thing. Then I got to work with a bunch of great female comedians along the way -- my contemporaries like Amy Poehler, Maya, Tina, Molly, all those people I got to work with at SNL. I like Sarah Silverman a lot. Her style is totally different from mine, with stand-up and everything, but I think she's really  funny. 

You're coming down to perform Celebrity Autobiography. How many times have you performed in it? 

I've done it a whole bunch of times, because we do it in New York here, so we used to do it once a week, now we do it once a month. I've done it tons. It's kind of a core group, and then they bring in extra people every so often, so it's always a new show. He [Pack] tries to get a mix of people in there, there's sketch-type people, there's Mario Cantone stand-up and then they'll have more movie actors or whoever he can kind of wrangle up, so it's always kind of a fun mix of styles and stuff. 

Do you know who you're going to read from here? 

Well, I usually do Joan Lunden, and I do the same ones. I usually read Bert Reynolds' secretary because she wrote one. Little known fact. They do Bert and Lani and I do his secretary. I don't really know what else he's got planned for Florida, but sometimes I do one of the Jonas Brothers. 

I read you liked the Jonas Brothers. Are you a fan of their music or them?

Oh, no, I don't know where you read that. I have nothing against them, but I don't sign on to them.

I read it on Seventeen Magazine.com. 

Oh, my God, that's weird.

So, there's a rumor out there. Do you have any other projects coming up?

Actually, in a twist of irony, I'm actually writing a book, so, I'm hoping it doesn't get read someday in this show. But I wouldn't call it an autobiography, but I'm writing a book of like funny things that have happened to me. So, hopefully it'll be funny. 

Are you going to actually include ridiculous stuff so it does get read in Celebrity Autobiography

Well, the thing that ensures that it gets read on Celebrity Autobiography is they're not trying to be funny, they're trying to be really serious. That's how it gets there. We don't have any books that are trying to be funny. I think. 

Celebrity Autobiography will be showing from tomorrow through the 15 at Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts' Carnival Studio Theater at 8 p.m. Actors appearing from May 5 through 8 include Mario Cantone, Rachel Dratch, Craig Bierko, Sharon Gless, Dayle Reyfel and Eugene Pack. Those appearing, May 12 through 1 are Bruce Vilanch, Caddy Huffman, Paul Provenza, Sharon Gless, Roger Bart and Dayle Reyfel. 

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