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Race Pigs, Then Eat Them During National Pig Days Festivities Starting Tonight

Remember some years back when it was cool to own pot bellied pigs as pets? Those porkers were pretty damn cute. But eventually you sat down for a meal and looked at your plate of bacon, ham, or pork chops, then down at old "Wilbur" and realized something was inherently wrong. Or, you thought nothing of it and still have a pig running around your living room.

For those of you who seen nothing wrong with keeping an animal as a pet and eating his brother or sister, or, gasp, children, boy have we got a treat for you. The National Pig Days Celebration starts tonight in Marathon. There's a bunch activities scheduled with equal parts dedicated to having fun with the snorters and eating their ribs with barbecue sauce.

Starting at 6pm there will be pig racing at the Stuffed

Pig Restaurant at mile marker 49. Races are also scheduled for 8 p.m.,

and starting at 10 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday. Word is the winner of

the races gets spared from the spit. Ok, that's not true. We thought it

would make you feel better about exploiting the hoofed ones, but if that

doesn't maybe the fact that monies raised will go to charities will.

National Pig Day is actually March 1 but nobody is going to take off

Tuesday to celebrate so organizers decided to schedule live music,

dancing, raffles, kid's activities, and even a silent auction throughout

the weekend. There will be special lunch and dinner menus served, and by

special we mean featuring the animals that we are celebrating--even

though that is wrong on almost every level.

If you still need some convincing that you won't upset your karmic

balance by indulging in the charitable weekend, take the word of

organizer Karen Dennis. Cultist asked her if there was anything wrong

with celebrating pigs on one hand, and having baby back ribs in the

other. "The pigs are up for it," Karen says confidently. And then she

dropped a bomb on us. "Even they enjoy eating pork scraps we feed them."

We're expecting PETA calls any minute.

National Pig Day festivities start tonight at 6 p.m. and run through

Sunday at the Stuffed Pig Restaurant (3520 Overseas Highway, Marathon)

at Mile Marker 49. For more information call 305-743-4059 or

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