Psychic Micki Dahne Predicts Future of Arrested Development, Courtney Stodden, and Lindsay Lohan

We're living in tumultuous times, people. Look around you. Everything is changing, nothing is sacred and people are taking to the streets demanding answers. We're a nation plagued with questions like, what's really happening with the Arrested Development movie? Is Courtney Stodden really in love with that old guy? The world deserves some answers.

We contacted renowned psychic Micki Dahne, who gives personal readings from her home here in Miami, to help us make a little sense of the future. She's been featured on Larry King Live and worked for the National Enquirer for 29 years. She correctly predicted snow in Miami back in 1977 and foresaw the rise and fall of the Nixon administration. With a rap sheet like that, who better to navigate us through the choppy, uncertain seas of pop culture?

New Times: Will the Arrested Development movie ever see the light of day?

Mickie Dahne: I haven't seen it, I don't even know what you're talking about, but

it's going come back ... And I think it's funny because I think the

Spielberg people are going to push it."

Do Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison have a love for the ages?

It won't last. She's going to smarten up as she gets a little bit older

... I feel that she married somebody that she felt could be like a dad,

and he probably treats her that way!

What about Simon Cowell?

I feel that Cowell could be getting married, something different. I see

either a little black girl or a very blonde black girl.

How much longer does Lindsay Lohan have to live?

I have a feeling this kid's going to do great ... She's been through so

much and it's not her fault ... She's going to do some show that's going

to really pop her up.

What's up with Chelsea Handler?

She's going to be living in Miami ... doing a movie maybe out of Florida, or start her own club.

Will the world be blessed with a Real Housewives of Miami spin-off?

I feel that Mrs. (Lea) Black could end up with her own show. She's very dynamite.

And there you have it, a sneak peek into the future. Do you believe it? Only time will tell.

-- Kat Bein

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