Promethean Theatre Presents Song of the Living Dead: A Zombie Musical

We know you love zombies. So do we. Which is why we're mondo excited about the Promethean Theatre's presentation of Song of the Living Dead: A Zombie Musical. (These are the same zany dramaturgs responsible for bringing Cannibal! The Musical and Evil Dead: The Musical to South Florida.) Song of the Living Dead, which opens Friday at the Black Box Theatre at Nova Southeastern University, is a song-heavy story of a young, lovey-dovey couple in the midst of the zombie apocalypse we all know is coming.

While running errands, the newlyweds instead must run for their lives when they stumble upon a full-fledged zombie attack. The production's brain-eating, flesh-crawling beauty plays out to a score by Eric Frampton and Matt Horgan and choreography by Crissy Ardito. This musical has it all -- action, romance, tunes, comedy, and guts. The living dead will be kicking it through September 4. We chatted with Matthew William Chizever, who plays George, the nerdy hero. Follow the jump for our Q&A with Chizever.

New Times: Why get involved with a zombie musical?

Matthew William Chizever: I've been working with the Promethean Theatre

since they began the venture into bloody musical theatre with Cannibal

(and receiving a Carbonell Award nomination for Best Actor in a Musical,

along with a Silver Palm Award for Outstanding New Talent that year)

and had a blast playing Ash, the Bruce Campbell role from Evil Dead last

summer. I wait all year for the summer to come so I can have a blast

with my two favorite ladies in South Florida theatre, and so I can get

all bloodied up and show the rest of the community that "fun theatre" is

just as entertaining as the theatre that is considered a little

"deeper." If anything, we're working way harder in this show than we

would be in a show that most would deem award worthy.

What was it like rehearsing?

This is an amazing cast, and so much fun to watch and work with. It's

always awesome to watch the process happen, and Margaret [director,

Margaret M. Ledford] is such a genius. Those of us in the cast that have

done these shows with TPT [the Promethean Theatre] before already know

how much the audience is going to love this show, it's cool to see the

anticipation from the cast members who have no idea what they're in for

just yet.

Were dress rehearsals done in full make-up?

By make-up, do you mean, do we walk around all bloody and gross?  If so, then yes.

What was the worst thing about working on this play?

Not being able to be a part of every single song.  The music is amazing and so witty.

How do you think people first react when they hear the title?

I think at first it might not be as appealing a title as La Cage or Miss

Saigon to a regular musical theatre-go'er, but for those who give it a

minute to sink in, and realize that "different" doesn't mean "bad." I

guarantee a great night of solid entertainment, from actors and

actresses who are truly busting and bruising their asses hard to get you

in the seats.  This will definitely be our best bloody show yet.

The living dead will be kicking it until September 4 and tickets cost

$30. Performances are at 8 p.m. on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays,

and at 5 p.m. on Sundays. Call 866-811-4111 or visit


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