Project Runway Spin-off Casting Designers in Miami

If there's one grating thing about the all-but flawless Project Runway, it's when they make Tim Gunn do a sponsor name drop with "Don't forget to make good use of the Bluefly accessory wall!" Wretch. How dare they turn our beloved Gunn into a corporate puppet!

But it looks as though the show is cultivating its own cache of indie accessories. There's a new Project Runway spin-off called Project Accessory (duh), and there's a casting call for designers this month in Miami.

No word yet or whether Gunn or Heidi Klum will be involved, but hey,

there's a chance (Klum knows firsthand that sometimes you're in and

sometimes you're out). Frankly, Project Runway hasn't been the same

since it moved from Bravo to Lifetime, but anytime you make creative

types do creative things under sleep dep and time constraints, we're

going to watch.

The Miami casting call for Project Accessory is June 21 at a TBA

location. We'll update this post when the venue is announced. In the

meantime, here are the details as advertised by Goodbye Pictures: Bring a

close-up picture and full body picture (apparently looks do matter),

3 to 5 samples of your work, a press kit or any pictures of your work in

magazines etc., and a completed application (available online soon).

Other casting calls will be held in Chicago, L.A., and New York to find

up-and-coming designers of jewelry, handbags, shoes, or other fashion

accessories, looking to launch their own line. Off the top of our heads,

we'd like to see 305's Nektar de Stagni, Anna Mixon, Gold Saturn, and

H.O.W.L. give it a shot. Any other local accessory designers you think

should enter? Time to prove there's more talent in this town than just

the Three Kings.

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