Possible Prison Break Spinoff Might Be Set in Miami-Dade Women's Jail

I've never seen an episode of Prison Break in my life, so I'm not sure whether to be excited or not with news that the producers may be toying with the idea of a spin-off set in a Miami-Dade womens' jail.

Plans for a spin-off series first emerged in 2007 with the idea of introducing the new characters in the main series, but was curtailed by the writer's strike. Now rumors are spinning that the new show, slightly retooled, may be moving forward.

SpoilerTV posted a casting call for an upcoming episode of Prison Break that seems to introduce new characters in a womens' facility, including Daddy ("A tough and powerful older female inmate at Miami-Dade Women's Prison"), Tracy ("Prison guard who appears to be sympathetic at first but reveals herself as a brutal enemy with a grudge") and Skittlez ("This mentally unstable, over-sized and very intimidating prisoner has her eye on a new inmate").

Time and audience reaction will tell whether or not the new series manifest, but believe us, we are already big, big fans of Skittlez.

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Kyle Munzenrieder