Pop-Up Shops Make Holiday Shopping More Explosive For All

​Ahh the holidays. A time when the mask of organized religion covers up the filthy, greedy, boozy underbelly of America at its worst. It's the time when you troll for the stuffing recipe that will kick the fucking dogshit out of your favorite cousin's casserole of cubed bread, oysters, and other crap sold only at Whole Foods..and the time when you find out things are so tough even your gynecologist is part timing at Bath + Body Works.

Another sign of the times is both good for your holidaze and the recession - pop-up shops. If you like the Halloween and Christmas joints of suburbia, this is the same concept, only with a more chic, exclusive feel. Retailers take over a space (or a roaming, Plexiglass box via Imitation of Christ) for as little as a week and offer limited edition products and a couture shopping experience. We can hardly call this trend new since Vacant started it back in 2003. But The Limited Edition Experiences' F Factory came through the Design District like gangbusters during Basel and brought some chic names with it. Labels like Maison Martin Margiela, Neon Monster, Katherine Fleming, and Billionaire Boys Club have all taken up residency inside of the Moore Building until December 24.

Pop-up shops are good for the fashion industry because they give brands the opportunity to generate buzz by emerging in a flash of light and retreating before the sheep even knew they were there. And landlords are happy because a temporary lease puts money into their pockets while drawing prospective tenants and attention to the properties. With the many empty storefronts in the DesDis, the F Factory's takeover (and the free-standing stores outside of the Moore) is certainly adding some much needed traffic and revenue to the neighborhood.

These stores benefit you because otherwise, where would you find the Mark Ronson limited edition Miami Gucci sneakers? Or design your own Fendi bag? Actually they're good for window shopping and rubbing elbows with people who can afford $500 sneakers and thousand dollar bags. In affordable news, Guess by Marciano is popping up with a 2,772-square-foot shop at 904 Lincoln Road.

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Raina McLeod
Contact: Raina McLeod