Please Tell Us This Is a Meta-Spoof

Waiting for CSI: Miami to start (no kidding, I actually watched 5 minutes of it last night. Some guy caught on fire on the beach and tried to make it to the ocean, and I was like "No! Stop! Drop! Roll! The sand will put it out!!!" But he didn't, and he died, and then I changed the channel.) I saw a trailer for An American Carol. It's a right wing spoof of Michael Moore and liberaldom in general directed by dick gag King of the cinema David Zucker that's coming out this Friday.

Zucker has given $24,564 to Democrats in his lifetime, according to News Meat, but some time in the last decade he took a dramatic turn to the right. Now he's reduced himself to writing horrible slapstick gags for Bill O'Reilly (seriously, he has a cameo). The movie features just about every right wing celebrity including Kevin Farley (brother of Chris), Kelsey Grammar, Kevin Sorbo, Jon Voight, James Woods, Dennis Hooper and, say it ain't so, Leslie Nielsen.

Zucker is famous for directing some of the classic spoof movies, including Airplane!, The Naked Gun, and the later parts of the Scary Movie series. Maybe this is his greatest spoof ever and in gaining the trust of so many conservative blowhards the movie actually has a surprise twist ending where the joke was on them all along, and Zucker is still the same heartless Hollywood liberal he always way. We can hope.

The trailer gives a shout out to Cuban Republicans when Malone calls Cuba a "beautiful, tropical paradise" while standing in front of Che Guevara Hospital with a pineapple cocktail in his hand, but the closest place where this thing is playing, according to Movie Fone, is Flipper's Hollywood Cinema 10.

Don't worry Liberals, if you need a good political laugh this week there's always the VP debate this Thursday.

-- Kyle Munzenrieder

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