Pittsburgh's Black Sheep

Pittsburghers have more points of civic pride than most cold-weather industrial towns. Their Steelers are arguably the model franchise of the NFL (Ben Roethlisberger not withstanding), their Penguins are the NHL’s defending Stanley Cup champions, and hometown rapper Wiz Khalifa’s massive hit, “Black and Yellow,” had the whole world repping the ubiquitous colors of the city’s sports teams. Unfortunately for the Pittsburgh Pirates, record-holders for the most consecutive losing seasons in American professional sports history (18 and counting), the team remains the city’s black (and yellow) sheep. But there is some hope for Pirates fans, because even though the team should be one of the worst in baseball yet again this year, it features some of the best young talent in the league, with outfielders Andrew McCutchen and Jose Tabata and third basemen Pedro Alvarez. Together with Florida Marlins youngsters such as Mike Stanton and Logan Morrison, the two teams will put on a showcase of tomorrow’s future stars. Hope springs eternal this Tuesday at Sun Life Stadium.
Tue., April 19, 7:10 p.m., 2011
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Jordan Sargent
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