Photographers Come Together For "Elements of Life" at Lelia Mordoch Gallery

Photography is an inherently duplicitous medium. While drawn from real life, the captured images are single frozen instances that prove to be highly manipulatable by the person behind the lens. Yet unlike painting or sculpture, where artistic intervention and manipulation is the source of the work itself, photographs carry a probative weight that downplays their inherent falseness. It's a phenomenon that can be readily understood when examining a group of photographs from a variety of different perspectives.

Last week the domestic offshoot of the French-based Lelia Mordoch Gallery unveiled a collaborative exhibition of six photographers — with interests as varied as South Florida's diverse ethnography — titled "Elements of Life." Lujan Candria, Mariano Costa Peuser, Ignacio Gurruchaga, Lili(ana), Bryan Lahr, and Leila Leder Kremer all have a distinct aesthetic sense, and eye for imposing imagery. It's a combination of work, that taken together, unpacks a wide range of sensibilities aimed at varied artistic tasks. 

"It’s not easy to present the work of different artists under one same concept," Candria told New Times. "I think (the pieces) are all very different and unique but at the same time they have the power to establish a perfect dialogue between them."

The need for collaboration among photographers has never been greater. The inherently solitary medium harkens images of lonely observers and darkened processing rooms. Yet, as the stream of images increases day-to-day, the need for company among artists goes with it. 

In some instances the varying points of view seem to intersect before drastically jumping off. Lahr and Lili(ana) both work in a maximalist vein, to change our immediate visual perception by directly augmenting their subjects into drastically different images than their real-life originals. Not so much a photograph of the subject, but of each of the artists own set of aesthetics, and they couldn't be more different from one another. 

Sometimes ideas are developed in parallel. Candria's stark yet tragic shots of coastlines and open water seem to pursue the same line as Leder Kremer's aerial landscape photographs. Despite working with drastically different scales, both are interested in freezing nature's transient moments. While Candria's waves change every second, Keder Lemer's formations are at a slower pace. By freezing a constantly changing mise en scene the viewer can enjoy an in depth visual analysis of a scene unavailable to the naked eye. Keder Leder's images, on the other hand reveal the plasticity of mammoth geological formations when time is sped up. 

"Elements of Life" is now on view at Lelia Mordoch Gallery, 2300 N. Miami Ave., Miami, every day from noon to 6 p.m., except Sunday and Monday. For more information contact the gallery by phone at 786-431-1506, or visit their website
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